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Rite Rug

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1398 North Bridge Street
Chillicothe, OH 45601
United States
2 Rating
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2 Rating
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mgwalk - 2010/08/17 - 11:28:19
I needed to carpet a room in my house.  I picked Rite Rug first because I thought I got carpet from them about 5 years ago.   It turns out it was Carpet Liquidators, anyways that is not the point of the review.  So I get out to Rite Rug with a piece of my current carpet to try and match it up.  They were really nice and seemed very knowledgeable.  I was not sure about my rooms dimensions to the exact inch, but I knew the room was really close to 15x15.  Not wanting them to be short because of my guessing error,  I asked about measuring and they said they would come and measure the room for me.  Going off of my 15x15 guess they quoted me $750-$800. The quote was for a Berber carpet, upgraded pad and installation.  Although this quote seemed high I was happy over all to know I was going to finish my room.  I agreed to start the credit application and was approved for well over the amount needed, I remember we even joked around about it.   They then set up the appointment to do the measurement that night after 5pm.  When the guy arrived he took about 15 minutes and measured up the room. I glanced at him pad of paper and it looked like a good sketch of the room that was being carpeted.  I did not pay any attention to the dimensions he figured up for the room.  The following day I get a call and they said the room was a little bigger than my estimated guess.  I was like, really???  How much?  He told me 18x18 was the room size.  The guy on the phone could sense my surprise and emphasized that the guy who visited my house measures rooms all the time.   I told the associate I will be at my house in a minute and I would measure it again and then call him back. Now here is the interesting part, when I got home and measured the room with a standard (Stanley)  30 foot measuring tape the room measured 14 feet 10 inches by 14 feet 9 inches.  I had a friend verify my measurement and he agreed.  The square foot difference from my measurement  to theirs was 99 square feet.  This jumped my price up to over $1,300.  When I called back with my findings the guy on the phone told me that the associate who measured  made a common mistake and had  read the inches instead of feet.  Now he even claimed that he makes this mistake all of the time.  I told him to please hold off on placing the order and I would call him back later.  

I went to R and M Quality Floors and while speaking with a lady employee I shared my story.  I was trying to figure out if all carpet places make this mistake.  The associate pulled out the measuring tape and I showed her what the Rite Rug guy used and she looked at me and said “THAT’S INCHES!  That is not a mistake we make here!”.  I ended up buying my carpet from R and M Quality Floors.  They helped me pick a nice piece of carpet and I already have an install date.  

I guess if you have already bought from Rite Rug, you might want to double check what you were charged for.  I have learned that you should always compare your measurements with theirs.
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[ show comment ] [ hide comment ] - ichillifan79 - 2010/08/17 - 14:06:06
[ hide comment ] - ichillifan79 - 2010/08/17 - 14:06:06
How did the other carpet place work out?  Were you happy with their prices and service?  You should post a review for them as well.  I need carpet and this info could be very helpful to me.
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