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WizHelp Web Based Remote Support Tool
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Dustin - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago

I recently stumbled upon a tool while I was trying to help a friend with their computer.  We were in two different locations so I had to try and fix the problem remotely. We couldn't use Remote Desktop because my friend was using Windows XP Home and didn't have Remote Desktop.  I tried for a while to walk my friend through fixing their problem over the phone but eventually I realized it just wasn't going to work this way.  In my search to discover something that could help us I found WizHelp. 

WizHelp is a web based support tool that allows you to connect to someone's computer remotely through a web browser.  It is a pretty simple tool to use and doesn't require either end to install software on their computer.  You will need Java enabled on your web browser to use this tool.  To begin using wizhelp you will need to go here and create an account.  It is a pretty basic registration form and takes under a minute to fill out.  After you have created an account you can simply send someone to  At the top of the page there is a Get Helped By box where the person you are helping can type in your user name and click find, they don't even have to login.  After clicking find they will be redirected to a page that gives them the options to chat, give control or share the screen with you.  You simply have to login to your account and then accept control of their computer.

Since finding this tool I have used it several times and it has worked very well.  It is still in beta so that means they are still ironing out some bugs and possibly adding more features but so far I am very pleased with it.

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