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Winter Weather Brings Sled Riding Fun to Chillicothe
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CitizenKane - 8 years ago
Even though Christmas went by without a hint of winter snow.  Yesterdays snow has brought everyone out for some sled riding fun.  Traditionally,  sled riding has been one of the most fun winter experiences for the the entire family.  Not only is it fun but the memories that come with it are everlasting.

The parents and kids pictured here seem to really be enjoying themselves.  This being the second day really makes it fun and exciting because the snow is packed tight.  I traditionally go to the country club because it has a wonderful set of hills that go in each and every direction.  The hills however get challenging to climb after repeated rides.

The riders pictured here are in the riverside parking lot near the fish stand.  They really seem to be enjoying themselves and having a great time.  The only downside is the snow won't last forever for these kids. 


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