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What the hell is going on ?
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Pissed_Off - 8 years ago
 What the hell is going on Chellocoffin... why don't we pick up our arms and put the Gestapo out of business. 5% of the Sherriff & City Cops are honest and here to "protect & serve" the other ones are thief's, buy and "take" cocaine, Little Barney Fyffe 3rd Shift takes a girls drivers license and holds it for a year and trying to "hit on her" she was only 19 at the time... freakin perv, Oh by the way you can catch him at a body shop on the corner of Mill & Yoctangee sleeping or watching Porn (3rd shift) I have a video of him pulling in and out of the "business" place. Why don't we arm up and take this city and show other cities what they can do...I know of "officers" buying drugs, stealing thing from people they bust other officers going to night clubs and strutting their stuff...I am sick and tired of this kinda shit we have to put with...or and they steal jewelry from people they bust I know of 5 rings worth around 10,000 (they can't find)  once when I was visiting them on a bullshit charge they took my diamond earring and I did not get a shower for 13 days...I am ready to "postal" I am not only trying to vent, but calling out fellow people to take some action !!!!!

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