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What the hell is going on ?
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Pissed_Off - 9 years ago
 What the hell is going on Chellocoffin... why don't we pick up our arms and put the Gestapo out of business. 5% of the Sherriff & City Cops are honest and here to "protect & serve" the other ones are thief's, buy and "take" cocaine, Little Barney Fyffe 3rd Shift takes a girls drivers license and holds it for a year and trying to "hit on her" she was only 19 at the time... freakin perv, Oh by the way you can catch him at a body shop on the corner of Mill & Yoctangee sleeping or watching Porn (3rd shift) I have a video of him pulling in and out of the "business" place. Why don't we arm up and take this city and show other cities what they can do...I know of "officers" buying drugs, stealing thing from people they bust other officers going to night clubs and strutting their stuff...I am sick and tired of this kinda shit we have to put with...or and they steal jewelry from people they bust I know of 5 rings worth around 10,000 (they can't find)  once when I was visiting them on a bullshit charge they took my diamond earring and I did not get a shower for 13 days...I am ready to "postal" I am not only trying to vent, but calling out fellow people to take some action !!!!!
clistguy - 2010/07/08 - 09:26:46
Standing up for something you believe in and trying to correct a wrong in a constructive way is one thing but saying "why don't we pick up our arms and put the Gestapo out of business" is just not the way to try and fix something you think is broken. And If I had to guess I would guess it is more like maybe 5% of the Cops and Sherriffs are dishonest (as with any profession there are going to be a few people that don't have good morals) and the reast are here to protect and serve.
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ichillifan79 - 2010/07/08 - 09:45:04
I would say if you are unhappy with the way was handled that you should make a formal complaint and if it is something that you feel strongly about, follow through with you complaint and make sure action is taken. You will see a lot more success if you follow the right path and follow through with your complaint.
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Iphoneman [Guest] - 2010/07/08 - 11:50:21
Great opinion and that is what I see. This is perfect spot for news like this but we need some cold hard proof. If u have any post it up. If not it will just be written off as another disgruntled chillicothian.
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Luke [Guest] - 2010/07/08 - 14:33:51
Nothing good could ever come of that kind of "coup". Fighting the police isn't a "revolution", even if they are doing something wrong (some probably are). Many many people are very discontent with the government, and I hope it doesn't come to some future revolution or civil war (as it has in our country's past), but taking on Sheriff's deputies is 500% the wrong solution for the wrong problem.
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nurse65 - 2010/07/08 - 14:35:41
I can understand the writer's frustration but come on...You don't threaten to take up arms against them! It's stupid comments like that, that turn ppl against us gun owners and OUR rights! Instead, why doesn't the writer gather real proof, not hearsay, you know photos, videos, etc. Then take it to the prosecuting attorney and NBC 4 news! Now that would really shake things up!
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