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What if firemen were paid by number of fires they put out?
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btackett - 9 years ago
What if tomorrow firemen were paid by the number of fires they extinguished?  Do you think the number of fires would go up or down.  In my opinion they would most likely go up. 

What if doctors were paid by the number of healthy patients they had?  They would immediately take many of their patients off of the poisinous drugs they are continually putting in their body.  They would begin to care again and start caring for the human body as a whole.  They would not longer just treat a symptom. 

Now I am just going to throw this one out for fun.  What if Red Light Camera manufactures were paid by the number of accidents they prevented over the course of a year?  The answer would be: they can't be paid in this manner because it has been proven that the cameras increase accidents.  So why don't we pay them based on the 74% reduction in speeding.  It is because these facts and figures are just propaganda designed to try and sway the voters.  So if those two things won't work what other choice do we have?  Maybe we should pay them based on the amount of revenue they have generated for the local economy or the jobs they have created.  Maybe they should get a percentage of growth.  The cold hard fact is that they limit growth, so the camera manufacturers would never get paid that way either.  The only choice for such a company is to steal money from the citizens.  They use threats and deny citizens their rights so they get paid.  Its is truly a mob based setup and the camera manufacturers control the system.  It is an even better setup than the mob because they have the local law enforcement on their side.  Along with that they have all the political gangsters on their side as well.  

In a sense, what has happened is the government who is supposed to produce no income has been able to produce an income.  They are now going in business with a for profit business.  A business by the way that uses cartel style tactics to extract money from fearful citizens.   

Lets flip this around and ask: What if politicians were paid based on the amount of growth the city enjoyed?  We could base it on the number of new business and new residents that came to town.  As it stands now we reward them for continuing to stifle growth.  We are allowing them to install systems that take from the economy rather than give.  It works out well for them now, as it is based on a short term approach for a long term problem.  Their pockets continue to get lined on the backs of citizens. 

So King Sulzer why don't you install a camera on every street corner in this town?  You might say:  That is not economically feasible.  I say with safety being your main concern it sounds like it should be done. We would be known as the safest town in America.  Heck this might propel you to an office in the White House.  Maybe then you could use the same agenda to make all of America safe. 

For me it comes down to some final questions.  Would installing more cameras grow the city?  Would it provide more jobs?  Would it provide more revenue for the local economy.  My answer is NO!  The addition of more and more cameras would inhibit growth.  It would turn this town into a ghost town.  No longer would anyone want to live here, shop here or do business here. 

So my answer for tomorrow will be VOTE YES! 

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