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What Do You Think Should Become Of The Carlisle Building?
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago
The tragic fire that drastically damaged the Carlisle building in 2003 has been the cause of major debate in Chillicothe Ohio for the past 6 years.  It seems that everyone has an opinion on what they think should be done with the Historic Carlisle building.  Three local preservationist groups offered to pay for a feasibility study to turn the Carlisle building into a new home for the Chillicothe Municipal Courts.  However, City Council voted on 12/14/09 for the purchase of the former AEP building to take on that role.  There have been suggestions of parking garages, restoring the building to it's previous state or even modernizing the building.  No matter what is decided everyone seems to agree that this project needs to move forward.

We want to know what you think should become of the Carlisle building.  Below we have created a dynamic poll which will allow you to vote on the option that you like best or if you are not fond of any of the options you can suggest your own.  When you suggest your own it will automatically be added to the list of options and be given one vote.  Please keep in mind that this poll isn't asking how this project should be funded (that is for another poll we have planned), we just simply want to hear your ideas for what you would like to see done with the building.

What do you think should be done with the Carlisle Building?
Poll ends on 2010/02/15
This poll closed on - 2010/02/15
Parking garage [14.71%, 5]
Repair to previous state [32.35%, 11]
Replace with modern building [11.76%, 4]
Tear it down [41.18%, 14]
Total Voters: 34
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JAG - 2009/12/17 - 11:32:34
Yes, the Carlisle Building, what a popular topic these days. Honestly, I am sick of hearing about it. I wish that we could just figure out what to do with it and move on. Obviously it won't be the new court building. In my opinion, the ones that are responsible for creating this mess should be held 100% responsible. Shouldn't they be forced to pay some type of restitution? Wasn't this an arson case? Does anyone even know what happened to the people that did this? Let me guess, they just got a little slap on the wrist...My final thoughts, well a downtown parking garage would be nice or restoring it to its previous condition would work, but please, let’s just not do it at the tax payers expense…...
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taylorbeeler - 2009/12/17 - 14:58:19
I voted "replace with modern building". but a parking garage would be best, in my opinion. Which is possible without tax payer money.
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Seth Bauer [Guest] - 2009/12/17 - 22:18:48
Chillicothe can and should be revitalized but I believe lack of parking may send potential small business owners running. I grew up in Chillicothe, currently live in Columbus, Indiana and am in the process of moving back to Chillicothe. Columbus, Indiana had similar issue with their downtown, which was impeding the old downtown area from being revitalized. They have recently taken a run down parking lot in the downtown area and put an new modern 3 or 4 story parking structure. Two modern resturants take up half of the first level of the structure which is leased to the business owners by the city which helps cash flow the upkeep and maintenance of the structure. I think this is a great concept and something Chillicothe should look into further. I've looked at the Carlisle facility and am not sure if there is enough space to do something similar but it is definately worth looking into.
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Michael Johnston [Guest] - 2011/07/15 - 09:43:56
The debate has gone on long enough. The city should take the property through eminent domain and give preservation groups 12 months to come forward with the plans and funds to restore the building. If a group steps up, GIVE the building to the group under the agreement that a full restoration must be complete in 12 months. If no group steps forward to restore the building, demolish it and turn the site over to a private developer to build modern office space downtown. Site could also be a gray location for a new Paints stadium.
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