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We the people of Chillicothe demand the cameras come down.
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btackett - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago
"The voting public has spoken very clearly they do not wish to have these cameras operating in our city," Sulzer said. "Therefore I am issuing an executive order to the chief of police to suspend the use of the cameras."

So that part is done, thanks Mr. Sulzer for understanding our wish and serving us.  I have one issue with the next statement that your made.  "The cameras will continue to operate and take photographs, but the police won't be issuing any tickets," Sulzer said.  You are also claiming that you have not talked to anyone at Redflex.  I am going to go out on a line here and say that is most likely a false statement.

The voters have spoken quite clearly they want them off.  I am sure they have a basic on/off switch like most electrical devices.  If that doesn't work maybe you could devise some nice Christmas Wreaths to hang over them.  What ever the measure is it must be taken quickly.  Our rights continue to violated by haivng a device monitor our movements. 

I will now take some time to voice my concerns with Mrs. Eddy's statements.  She said: "We don't want to impede on their rights,"   Lets stop right there, why the concern now?  You didn't care that you were impeding our our rights when the cameras were put in.  Several council members agreed that it was not right to pay a ticket before being proven guilty.  You were fine with impeding on that constitutional right.  I know its just a little violation of the constitution, right?  Sorry any violation makes your ordinance null and void.  Otherwise, we ask the question why even follow the constitution at all? 

Now this next statement really throws me.  You say: "We will have to weigh our options and look at the provisions within the ordinance; there are a few parts that concern us."  What concerns you?  Does it concern you that the cameras must come down?  It is time to be adults here.  You and the Mayor both need a real wake up call.  The ordinance is for the cameras.  The voters knew exactly what they were voting to take out.  So take them out like we have asked.  You are here to serve us not question what we voted on. 


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