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Warfare MMA host fights at Chillicothe High School
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago

Fight Card
 Blue  Red
 Shane Lloyd  Stepan Morrison
 William Sharp (Team Titan)  Tony Jones
 Robert Mccloskey  Dennis Berry
 Jeff Geter  Jesse Osborne
 Travis Tackett(Team Titan)  Charlie Miller
 Davis Leonard  Ben Bohl
 Keven Mathews(Team Titan)  Eric Rundquest
 Tyler Beckley  Jeremy Knisley
 Dalton Moss (Team Titan)  Blane Baily

It was a great night of fighting action at the Chillicothe High School.  Warfare MMA hosted some great match ups for all the fans.  Starting out the night was Shane Lloyd vs Stephan Morrison.  Stephan Morrision was the victor in the match.  The next match up was William Sharp vs Tony Jones.  Sharp was the hometown favorite in this match representing Team Titan from Chillicothe.  He was unable to pull off the victory loosing by referee stopage.  He took to many unanswered blows on the ground.  Robert Mccloskey vs Dennis Berry were next on the card.  This was a heavy weight fight in which Dennis Berry was the victor due to tapout. 

The highlight of the night was Jeff Geter vs Jesse Osborne.  Jeff came out ready to fight quickly overtaking his opponent blow after blow.  There was no slowing down the powerhouse Geter from Dayton.  The ref finally had to step in and call the fight. 

The next fight was just as exciting in the second round Travis Tackett representing Team Titan was able to knock Charlie Miller to the ground.  He then proceed to pound him out eventually gaining his back.  From his back he continued to pound Miller eventually forcing the ref to stop the fight.

Davis Leonard vs Ben Bohl was next on the card.  Ben Bohl was victorous in this match up winning by strikes to the face and a verbal tapout by Leonard.  The next match up was Kevin Mathews(Team Titan) vs Eric Rundquest.  This was an exciting fight packed with losts of action.  So much action that Eric Rundquest became physically exhausted and could not go into the third.

The second to last match of the night was Tyler Beckley vs Jeremy Knisley.  Tyler quickly defeated Jeremy by taking him to the ground and pounding him out.  He was just physically stronger than Jermey and was able to quickly defeat him.

The last match of the night was action packed with a lot of ground action.  Dalton Moss (Team Titan) tried arm bar after arm bar but Blane Baily was able to escape.  Eventually, Dalton caught him off guard and was able to make him tap with a rear naked choke. 

For more information on Warfare MMA please see the following links.

For more information on Team Titan please see the following links.
justincase - 2009/11/26 - 18:32:31
Great, just what we need in our schools, more promotion of violence.
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