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Using Malwarebytes to Clean Malware
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Dustin - 8 years ago
Malwarebytes is a great tool for removing malware from infected computers.  I use Malwarebytes as part of a four step process to remove malware.  My usual process is to run ComboFix, Malwarebytes, HijackThis and CCleaner, in that order.  What makes Malwarebytes so great is that they stay up to date with the latest malware threats and they do a great job of cleaning them from your computer.  The free version will allow you to run on-demand scans but you also have the option to activate the free version for 24.95 which allows you to run real time protection, scheduled scanning and scheduled updating.

To download malware bytes click here

After you download Malwarebytes just double click the downloaded file and install it.  When the application has been successfully installed double click the malwarebytes icon to run it.   When Malwarebytes opens, select Scan and the application will guide you through the remaining steps.  Be sure to keep Malwarebytes up to date, new malware comes out everyday and if Malwarebytes isn't updated it may not find newer Malware.


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