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Using ComboFix To Remove Malware
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Dustin - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago
ComboFix is a great tool for getting malware ridden PC's to work properly again.  To repair PC's that are troubled by malware there are four different programs that I use. I usually run the following programs in the following order: ComboFix, Malwarebytes, HijackThis and CCleaner.  ComboFix will scan your computer for known malware and if it finds malware, ComboFix attempts to remove the malware automatically.  ComboFix also generates a report that details what it did to remove malware as well as give instructions on removing malware that it couldn't automatically remove.  

To download ComboFix click here.

For instructions on downloading and installing ComboFix click here.

The instructions in the link above explain how to use ComboFix in a normal situation however there are situations where you may need to do some different things to get ComboFix to work.  Here are a few tips for using ComboFix:

Problem: A lot of current malware is able to recognize programs that will try and remove malware and block the installation of such files.    
Solution: To get around this problem you can place the ComboFix.exe file in the windows startup directory.  When you reboot your system and log into windows ComboFix will automatically run and will usually get started before the malware starts, enabling  ComboFix to run successfully.  After ComboFix runs successfully and cleans the malware out remember to remove ComboFix from the startup folder so that it doesn't run every time you login to your computer.

Problem:  More advanced malware will often disable your network card or just render your Internet browsers useless. Obviously, a lack of being able to get onto the Internet creates a problem for downloading ComboFix.
Solution:  Use a different computer to download ComboFix and then copy the ComboFix.exe file onto a removable usb drive or a cd.  You can then copy the ComboFix.exe to the infected computer with the cd or usb drive.

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