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Unioto School Is On LockDown
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago

At this time we don't have a lot of information on this incident.  However an inmate left the grounds of RCI causing Unioto School to go on lockdown. 

If you have any additonal information about this incident please use the comments section below. 


The inmate in question is apparently Jeffrey Holsinger of Highland County.  He is serving less than a year on receiving stolen property charges.  Thanks for @mbruning81 for this update.

This is a picture of the inmate taken from

2:46 pm
Latest word is that the inmate was caught on Route 550.  This was from Unioto School principal.  We will see if this pans out to be the case.

clistguy - 2010/03/01 - 13:59:43
Are the kids able to use their cell phones while in lockdown so that they can contact their parents if needed?
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