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The Former AEP Building Will Be Purchased
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clistguy - 8 years ago
During last night's city council meeting, council voted for the purchase of the former AEP building with only Bill Bonner and Dustin Proehl voting against.  During the citizen participation portion of the meeting the AEP building was the hot topic, with many speaking for and against the purchase of the building.  The former AEP building will be used as the Municipal Courthouse.  The building is supposed to be financed by the city through its court fees so that no extra burden is put on the city's taxpayers.

What do you think about this decision?  Do you think the taxpayers will be affected by this decision?  Do you think the taxpayers will be affected financially by this purchase?  Do you feel that there is a need for a new Municipal Court building?  Are there other, better options?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Do you agree with the purchase of the AEP building?
Poll ends on 2010/01/30
This poll closed on - 2010/01/30
No [68.42%, 13]
Yes [31.58%, 6]
Total Voters: 19
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