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Test dynamic polls!
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago
This is a dynamic poll! Where the poll creator adds some choices and then allows the readers to give their choices.

For a dynamic answer to be visible to all users it must be put in by three different users.  On the third entry of the same answer it  then becomes an option for all users to pick from!

This poll also allows you to choose up to three answers. 

Just a Test.

What is your favorite color?
Poll ends on 2010/12/15
This poll closed on - 2010/12/15
Black [14.29%, 4]
Blue [14.29%, 4]
Brown [14.29%, 4]
Green [14.29%, 4]
Orange [17.86%, 5]
Red [10.71%, 3]
Teal [3.57%, 1]
White [3.57%, 1]
Yellow [3.57%, 1]
Total Voters: 28
Only show registered users votes

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