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State Control of School Lunches
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jaybird - 9 years ago
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As if we we're not losing enough of our rights as Americans, I was confronted by another issue at my son's preschool.  The Chillicothe preschool program, located at 235 Cherry St, is the source of this problem.  I was told by Miss Anderson that my child was not allowed to pack his lunch.  She informed me that the school received a grant from the state which precluded children packing their lunch.  If children did pack their lunch the school would no longer receive the grant money.  Folks, I have to tell you this seems like complete and total control by the state.  They are giving handouts to ensure they can tell us or force us to feed our children as they please. 

My son eats a diet that I consider very healthy and I did not want to alter that with him beginning preschool.  I feel this is my right as a parent to ensure he eats correctly, not the right of school or the state.  If you look at any school lunch menu you will see most do not consist of extraordinarily healthy food choices.  It is the Standard American Diet which is transforming us into the most obese country in the world. 

An Example of a Typical Lunch

Taken from the school's menu: (lunch): 
French Toast with Syrup Sausage Links
Potato Triangles
Orange Juice. 

Certainly not a healthy diet and consisting of nothing but processed foods. 

This factory food is at the root of many health care issues in this country.  It is one of the reasons Adena Medical Center here has tripled in size and continues growing.  It is one reason there is a pharmacy on every corner.  I mean, come on, a pharmacy in a grocery store is a good indication of how pervasive this all is.  Folks, this is VERY profitable for big pharma.  They get you coming and going.  Get you in to purchase the bad foods and send you out with drugs to cover the ailments you'll come down with after eating the stuff... 

I want to know why we have lost our freedom as Americans to choose what our kids eat?  It seems like an on going, gradual erosion of our rights.  This is how things like this happen- they start conditioning you early on and get you used to things being a certain way. Don't believe me? Watch the DVD version of "Cars". Look up at the blue, blue sky. What do you see? Long white streaks some people call "chemtrails". Eventually, with enough exposure, kids- and parents- just accept things as they are. And they have been quietly stripped of their right to even choose what to believe, let alone to say what their kids eat. 

I was ultimately instructed by Miss Anderson (formerly Mrs. Brown) to talk to Elan Jones.  So I stayed around the school as she was meeting with another parent.
I explained the situation and she said "that sounds ridiculous. I have never heard this before in my life".  She said "you as a parent should be able to choose".  So she walked with me to the teachers room to talk with her about it.  She confronted Miss. Anderson about it and it looked to me that it was more Miss Anderson not wanting it this way more than anyone.  However that was just from my observation of her facial expressions.  The only way I can explain the expressions is the face my wife gives me when I am saying something and she  wants me to be quiet.  It is that face that says "Shut-up! You're giving too much information! Stop talking!" 
Eventually they decided they would talk amongst themselves privately.  I don't think Miss Anderson really liked being confronted at that moment.  I was told by Elan Jones that I would receive a call back once they figured things out.

After waiting a reasonable time, I called the school and I informed them that my child would not be returning to the school.  Amy, the receptionist from the preschool relayed the message to me, and seemed concerned.  I explained the situation and she said she had not heard of that before.  She said even if I wasn't going to bring him back she wanted to get me an acceptable explanation.
She ended up giving me a call back and explaining that my son could pack his lunch.
They were willing to make an exception for my child. However, if all the kids started packing their own lunches it would be a problem and the school would not receive the grant.  I have the voicemail that she left so you can hear for yourself.

As one can see the state is working hard to gain control.  It is time for us parents to put our foot down and put the control back in our hands.  We are battling some of the worst health care problems this nation has ever seen.  We are failing to educate our kids adequately, and especially on healthy eating habits.   

Feeding them cheap, processed foods through grants arranged by big business.  The best place to start with educating our children is at home and second at school.  In this era of wasteful spending and government bailouts we as parents should start to open our eyes as well as our childrens'.  I find it quite funny how the National Lunch program was started in 1946.  The reason it was started was a public safety measure. 

People it's time to start reading between the lines- the future of your health and you childrens' health are on the line.


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