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Spend A Day In Chillicothe Ohio
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago

Spend a day in Chillicothe Ohio Lists, lists, lists, they’re everywhere. You can’t call up your browser page without seeing the top ten things to do, see, eat, or experience. David Letterman has a list, your mate has a “honey do” list, Santa has a list, seems everyone has one. Why not Chillicothe? Well I found one, and thought why not share with our readers, after all this is ichillicothe,

The Top Five Things to see in Chillicothe…..

  1. Yoctangee Park
  2. Grandview Cemetery
  3. Ross Historical Society
  4. Majestic Theater
  5. Tecumseh Outdoor Drama
Cast your vote!

Yoctangee Park:
Known as City Park until the 1890’s when William H. Hunter officially named it Yoctangee Park. Yoctangee means paint, and when Hunter saw the beautiful skin pigments and clothing colors of the culture native to our area he renamed the park to Yoctangee.

The park is forty-eight acres of beautifully maintained land, located right in the heart of Historical Downtown First Capital District, on Water Street.This is a must see area for anyone who lives here or is visiting.The park has something for everyone, a swimming pool, six tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, baseball and softball diamonds, picnicking facilities, a playground, shelter houses, a grandstand, restrooms, and a 12 acre trout-stocked lake.

Whether you are looking for things to do, or just want to sit awhile and enjoy the beauty of nature, Yotangee Park should be on your list of things to see.

Grandview Cemetery:
Established in 1841, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the cemetery sits on a hill that overlooks the valleys of the Scioto River and Paint Creek, and a breathtaking panoramic view of the city.

For the history buffs there are the gravestones of many notable people, just a few are;

  • William Allen- Governor of Ohio
  • Thomas Worthington- Governor of Ohio, Senator from Ohio
  • Edward Tiffin- First Governor of the State
  • Duncan McArthur-11th Governor of Ohio

Ross County Historical Society:
The RCHS was founded in 1896 to celebrate the Centennial of the founding of Chillicothe.

This foundation locates and preserves historical artifacts and documents and has exhibits on prehistoric cultures of the Scioto River valley people, the Civil War, Camp Sherman, WW1, historical toys and dolls, early art, historical vehicles and modes of transportation.

While you are there, pay a visit to the Knoles Log House which features artifacts depicting early life in Ohio, and roam through the Franklin Center, a museum dedicated to the history of the women of Chillicothe and surrounding areas.

Located on the premises is the McKell Library, a research center for thousand of rare books, journals, manuscripts, and historical documents.

There is also a store where reproductions of many of the artifacts can be purchased.

Majestic Theater:
First built as a Masonic Hall in 1853, this two story building was a combination lodge room, dance hall, and theater. In 1876 the Masons enlarged the building and made several improvements, so that the visiting theatrical troupes could perform, which included dressing rooms, trap doors in the stage, an orchestra pit and many more amenities. It stayed in use as an Opera House even when the Masons left to build their new temple on Main St.  In 1904 they sold it to the Meyer Brothers, who remodeled it again and added a movie screen and projection equipment and changed the name to the Majestic Theater.

In July 1971, Harley and Evelyn Bennett became the new owners of the Majestic Theatre. They did careful restoration with reference to the original wall painting. New seating was installed as was new front doors. The restrooms were remodeled and the lobby redone. The brick wall on the alley side was sand blasted and the old broken plastic squares on the front of the building were removed and a brick facing was installed. A new coat of paint and the refurbishing of the marquee, new roof and spouting all helped to preserve the old Masonic Opera House.

Three Chillicothe businessmen, Robert Althoff, Robert Evans, and David Uhrig, bought the theatre as a non-profit organization in 1990. All new wiring throughout the theatre, fire safety, and security systems were installed.

The Outdoor Drama ” Tecumseh!”  is one of the most mesmerizing dramas in the nation. The huge outdoor stages are actually set in the foothills of Sugarloaf Mountain, which gives the 1,800 seat audience a unique viewing experience, transporting them back into the late 1700’s, the days of  the legendary Shawnee leader.  “Tecumseh!”  sets the standard for innovative production techniques. The sites and sounds of natural elements serve to heighten this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. You can feel the vibrations, and hear the loud explosions of the canons, see and smell the horses as they gallop passed where you are seated. Hear the beautiful music of native America exclusively preformed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Over 100 people are involved each summer in bringing this exciting drama to life.

What is your favorite thing to see in Chillicothe?
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Majestic Theater [0%, 0]
Ross Historical Society [0%, 0]
Tecumseh Outdoor Drama [55.56%, 10]
Yoctangee Park [33.33%, 6]
Total Voters: 18
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taylorbeeler - 2009/12/22 - 19:40:50
This is a great poll!
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Pumpkin - 2010/02/10 - 19:38:38
You can cruise thru the park, stop and take a deep breath, and slow the day down so that it doesn't pass by unlived. I have endless memories of time spent in the park.
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