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Party while you exercise. Zumba is Awesome!
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ktzumba - 8 years ago
             Watch out yoga! Move over kickboxing! There’s a new craze in town. Zumba! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re missing out on the greatest party around. Zumba came to the United States in 1999 after creator Alberto “Beto” Perez stumbled upon this fitness routine when he forgot his usual music for a Columbian aerobics class. Salsa and samba replaced the ordinary aerobic and the result was incredible. Zumba is now a growing fitness phenomenon in six continents.

            Zumba is more party-like than any exercise routine around. A little merengue and belly dancing can turn a boring workout into a night at the dance club.  Not only is Zumba fun, but your body is reaping the benefits. From the inside out, you’re sure to see results. According to the American Heart Association, dancing is one of many activities that can help you to have a healthier heart. Other benefits of Zumba include high caloric expenditure, positive self-image, and a more sculpted body.

            One of the best things about Zumba is that you don’t need any experience at all. People of all fitness levels can find a class that’s right for them. The best way to find a Zumba class in your area is to visit By finding an instructor on the official Zumba site, it will guarantee that you will find a certified instructor.

            I teach my Zumba classes at La Femme Fitness at 97 E. Second St. in Chillicothe on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:00am. For more information, you can contact me, Katie Tuttle, at 740-703-5284 or by e-mail at 


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