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Open House Chillicothe Craft Mall
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Maddog - 8 years ago
The Chillicothe Craft Mall (located on High Street) will be holding their Christmas Open House on the day after Thanksgiving, November 27, 2009 from 10:00am - 6:00pm.   Patty Dabbert  owner of  Positively Gone To The Dogs has a booth there, with her homemade doggie goodies and Christmas baskets for your four  legged friends.  She has been busy in the kitchen baking for the event, under the watchful eyes of her dogs, just hoping that a cookie or treat finds its way to the floor.  Patty has been baking cookies for your pets for the past 7 years and has developed many new recipes.  All her recipes have no perservatives or sugar.  Her latest recipes are Pumpkin Pie Cookies, Peanut Butter Carob Biscuits, Banana Nut Biscuits, Ginger Molasses Treats and her number one seller Butterscotch Carob Nut Bear Claws.

So if you have pets or a friend who has pets don't forget to put that special gift under the tree from

Come in to visit with all the crafters at the Chillicothe Craft Mall and stop by to say "Hi" to Patty

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