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Ohio BMV Imposes Late Fees
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CitizenKane - 8 years ago
Just to make everyone aware in case you were not aware like I was.  Starting Oct. 1, 2009, the BMV has been required to impose a $20.00 late fee on all late driver license and vehicle registration renewals.  There is a 7 day grace period associated with the late fee.

In order to avoid a late fee, remember to complete renewals before the expiration date, either in person, by mail or on-line at   (Please be aware that mail and on-line registrations may take additional time).  Please remember that driver licenses and vehicle registrations typically expire on the motorist’s birthday, as some mistakenly believe the end of the month.

So looks like they may be cashing in on this one.  Not like it really hurt them for people to register late and if they were caught they received a fine anyway.  They have just made it easier to collect on it.  This was most likely created out of need for more revenue. 

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