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Minutes For City Council Review Session 12-15-2008
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago

Council Chambers
Legislative Review Session
December 15, 2008
6:30 p.m.

Council met in Legislative Review Session as a quasi committee of the whole, chaired by Pres. Shoultz, with the following seven members present:  Ames, Bonner, Lester, Malone, Patrick, Proehl and Trutschel.  (Mr. Cross and Mrs. Henderson absent.)  There were 2 media representatives and 5 other visitors present, in addition to Mayor Sulzer and City Auditor Morrissey.
Pres. Shoultz noted that Mrs. Henderson could not be here tonight due to a family emergency.  He called upon Mr. Morrissey to make his presentation concerning the budget for 2009. 
Mr. Morrissey began by commenting on the yearly comparisons of funds report through the end of October.  He then indicated that copies of today’s draft of the new ordinance and a copy of the 2008 ordinance, for comparison purposes, had been distributed.  He proceeded to comment on the draft of the new ordinance. 
Mrs. Patrick commented on the Utilities Department, noting that revenues are down and yet the expense of treated water is up.  She requested that Council hold off on approval of capital items such as vehicles and equipment due to the need to be conservative at this time. 
Mr. Morrissey reviewed the capital items, noting that a number of the requested items have been denied.  He also indicated that in the budget itself, there has been included the sum of $30,000.00 for a study of the city’s zoning laws. 
The meeting adjourned, by consensus, at 6:56 p.m.

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