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Mayor Joe Has Got To Go!
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btackett - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago
Mr. Joe Sulzer has struck out in my opinion.   He constantly attacks citizens at council meetings and doesn't really know how to maintain his composer.  Now he is attacking the fire fighters of this community.  He put our safety at risk with the Red Light Cameras.  He has put us on the hook for millions of dollars with the purchase of the new AEP building. 

Now the man that claims to be so in favor of our safety wants to continue keeping less fire protection around for the citizens.  He now wants to make statements like "I'm sorry if the firefighters think they're special." What he doesn't understand is we employ him as well as the firefigthers.  Police and fire protection should be the last cuts to ever be made.  Because that is the role of government to protect. 

Citizens do you really want to sit around and find out what is next on Joes agenda.  I sure don't. 

Let me ask you this question.  If the Chief of Police is allowed to speak in a politically motivated ad to support a private company then why can't our own firefighters speak to us the citizens (employers) in a public forum.  Come on Joe what are you trying to hide?

A recent poll by WKKJ gave the Mayor a failing grade.  Now the question becomes, are you ready recall Mayor Joe Sulzer?

Procedure for recall can be found here.

Hey guys this is an update to this article.  02/03/2010.  Looks like there are a few people trying to organize things.  

My Ross County has a thread going.  It can be viewed here;topicseen#new

Also someone started an email if you would like to help.


Should Mayor Joe Sulzer be recalled?
Poll ends on 2010/12/01
This poll closed on - 2010/12/01
No [3.13%, 1]
Yes [96.88%, 31]
Total Voters: 32
Only show registered users votes

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