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Lite Up the Night for a Cure in Downtown Chillicothe
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ichillicothe - 8 years ago

Southern Ohio Survivors had the downtown lit up with Christmas songs ablazing.  This was the 2nd Annual "Lite Up the Night for a Cure."  There were several events taking place.  The Christmas Trolley was busy taking folks around to view Christmas lights.  Santa was on site taking pictures with the kids.  Downtown shops were open for business.  A silent auction was being held with benefits going toward the cure.  Last but not least was the 1st annual Rudolf Fun Run.  This was a 1 mile run through park with a police escort. 

We had a chance to talk with Lynn Bunstine and Alicia Gray who are a part of the many volunteers who helped organize this event.  They were really excited about the event and it seemed as though it was a success, despite the cold weather.  Many attended this event as can be seen in the pictures.  The group was also accepting donations of many kinds to help those families in need.

Below is a little more in depth information about the organization taken from

SOS is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the people of southern Ohio to make a difference in the lives of cancer survivors through financial generosity and volunteer commitment.  Through fundraising and grants, our volunteers plan events to enhance the quality of life for cancer survivors and their families as they live with, through, and beyond their diagnosis.  We support ALL national organizations who raise money for cancer research and support.  SOS attempts to fill in the gaps for survivors in our local area regarding financial and daily survivorship needs.

Please let us know if you, or someone else, could use the financial or physical assistance of SOS. We also offer many social activities and support groups for survivors and their families on an ongoing basis.  We attempt to keep abreast of what is going on in the community and keep you informed.  And, if we don't have the answer to your questions, we will do our best to find out!

If you wish to learn more about Southern Ohio Survivors, please contact us for more information.  There are no paid staff members within the organization - only volunteers dedicated to make life easier for cancer survivors and their families.


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