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Learning To Fly With Some Help
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Dustin - 8 years ago
A few friends and I were walking through Yoctangee Park when we came across this little bird sitting in the grass.  We only saw him because one of us almost stepped on him.  We tried to shoo him away from the sidewalk so somebody else wouldn't accidentally step on him but he was just learning to fly and couldn't get very far off of the ground.  Unfortunately the grass was also being mowed in the area at this time which pointed to big trouble for this little bird. 

We decided it would be in the best interest of the birds safety to get it off of the ground.  My family had parakeets growing up so I was familiar with handling birds to an extent.  To pick up our parakeets we would place our finger in front of the birds feet and touch their stomach with the top of  the finger.  I tried this technique with the wild bird and it worked, the bird climbed on my finger. 

After the bird climbed on my finger, I slowly lifted it up and carried it to the nearest tree.  I held the bird up to the tree and touched it's stomach to a branch.  When I did this it climbed onto the branch and seemed content to be there.  Hopefully it figured out the flying thing, the next time we went by the tree it was gone.  I hope you enjoyed our little story, there are more pictures in the images gallery.

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