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Know Your Coverage Area With AT&T
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Dustin - 8 years ago

If you are an AT&T customer with a data package be sure to know your coverage area.  When roaming in an area not served by AT&T your normal data plan is not used .  The plan changes to 24 megabytes or 20% of the megabytes included in your plan.  Even if you have an unlimited package like the one that is offered with the Iphone you are not spared.  With an unlimited package you are only provided with 24 megabytes while roaming.  Below is a text and an email that AT&T sent when this happened to a friend.

AT&T Email:
Our systems have detected that you are transmitting a substantial amount of data while roaming in areas not directly served by AT&T. The Terms and Conditions of our data plans (including unlimited plans) provide an "off-net usage" allowance that is equal to the lesser of 24 megabytes or 20% of the megabytes included in your plan.

To assist you with knowing when you are using another carrier's network, we have changed the label on your wireless data device screen to display "Off Network". Please be aware of this network label and work to limit your data transmission while outside the AT&T data network boundaries. The AT&T data network coverage map is available at

We are available to answer any questions you have by contacting us at 800-331-0500

AT&T Text Message:


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