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Keep An Eye On Your Timewarner Cable Bill!!!
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clistguy - 8 years ago

I was very surprised to find that when I opened my Timewarner Cable bill that I received for January 2010 that my bill was 31$ higher than normal. I normally have a bill of 112$ so a 31$ increase is very significant.  This happened without warning and since I have them setup to pull my payment from my bank account, the money was gone before I could call and dispute it. 

While speaking with two friends I vented my frustrations which caused both of them to check their bills.  One friend discovered that their bill had increased by 9$ a month and
he only has Internet service through Timewarner.  The other friend discovered that their bill increased by 5$ a month on a bill that is normally 45$.

I called Timewarner and explained that I couldn't afford the 31$ price hike and was told that I was probably on a special rate plan that expired and they could try and move me to another special rate plan.  The Timewarner associate was able to find another plan with exactly the same service that was only a 14$ a month increase
over what I have been used to paying and this pricing would be good for another year.  I told the associate that I didn't want to be locked into a contract and they assured me that their was no contract involved and I was free to cancel my service at anytime. 

Why is there different pricing for the exact same package?  Long story short, they will try and take you for as much money as they can in hopes that you don't check your bill.  I am still frustrated that my bill went up even the 14$ especially since I'm receiving the exact same service, but with limited options for cable and internet in Chillicothe what am I supposed to do?

Because of the quasi success that I experienced by calling and complaining my friends decided to do the same.  The friend with just Internet service was told that there was nothing that could be done to help him and he was stuck with the 9$ a month increase.  The friend that had an increase of 5$ a month was provided a 10$ a month decrease which actually ended up decreasing his monthly payment by 5$ a month.
I hope you find this information useful and you can use it to save yourself some money in these harder economic times.  Even if you don't receive any help it is probably worth 10 minutes of your time to try.



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