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Island Spice Cafe Review
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Dustin - 8 years ago

The Island Spice Cafe is definitely a breath of fresh air added to Chillicothe’s restaurant lineup.  This restaurant offers a very friendly and personable staff combined with excellent food that’s served in perfect portions at a great price.  There were positive comments being made about the food at my table of four the entire meal from complimentary appetizer through salads, main courses and all the way to desert.  

This restaurant offers a Lunch Menu and a Dinner Menu and the food is unlike any place that I’ve eaten at in Chillicothe.  Most of the food is seasoned with a wonderful blend of spices or topped with a unique sauce or dressing.  The sauces and dressings that my table experienced were all very light but flavorful mixtures.  The presentation of the food for some dishes showed a little more white space than I like to see on my plate but the portions were perfect sizes and are definitely satisfying.

The first thing brought to the table was a complimentary basket of Queso Tortilla Strips.  Complimentary appetizers are always appreciated at restaurants but these were especially nice.  This appetizer is basically deep fried tortilla strips sprinkled with a unique spice blend that is very tasty.  Everyone at my table enjoyed these very much.

The next thing brought out were the garden salads that are included with some main courses or can be ordered as a side.  The salads were a basic garden salad with cherry tomato's.  The serving wasn’t huge but who wants to fill up on salad before their main course anyway.  We all ordered the house dressing which is a poppy seed blended dressing.  This dressing is made in house and is outstanding.  I definitely recommend this dressing to anyone who visits the Island Spice.

Along with all of the entrees they also brought bread.  The bread was a grilled tortilla with spices sprinkled on it.  Nothing too fancy but very good.  

After the wonderful appetizer and salad I was very excited to get to the entrees.  I ordered the Meat & Potato Lover while the other guests of my table ordered St. Lucia Mojo Steak, Jamaican Chicken and the Bourbon Chicken.  

The Meat & Potato Lover included a grilled 10 oz. Ribeye  steak served with garlic mashed potatoes , side salad and bread. As mentioned earlier the plate showed a little more white space than I like to see but the portions were plenty big enough and satisfied me.  Although I like a thick steak and this Ribeye was a little on the thin side, it was seasoned and cooked perfectly. The Ribeye tasted great.  The garlic mashed potatos had a little sort of zing to them and were great as well.   

The St. Lucia Mojo Steak is a grilled 10 oz. Ribeye sauteed in lime pepper seasoning served with lime cilantro dipping sauce, your choice of two sides and bread.  In our case the two sides were Jamaican Sweet Potatoes & Corn and Fresh Garden Salad.  The Ribeye was again seasoned and cooked perfectly and the cilantro dipping sauce was excellent.  The Jamaican Sweet Potatoes & Corn definitely don’t make a very appetizing picture but taste wonderful.  

The Jamaican Chicken is sauteed in Caribbean seasoning (a little citrus and cinnamon) with peppers and onions, your choice of two sides and bread.  In our case the two sides were Jamaican Sweet Potatoes & Corn and Cuban Fried Rice.  The Jamaikan Chicken was flavorful and spicy.  I will probably order it my next trip in.  

The Bourbon Chicken is prepared in their own bourbon sauce and comes with two sides and bread.  In our case the two sides were Buttered Sweet Corn and White Rice.  The bourbon chicken was cooked perfectly and had a sweet smokey flavor.  The Sweet Corn and White Rice were good, nothing fancy just plain old sweet corn and white rice.

For desert we ordered two orders of the Chimi Cheesecake which is basically a deep fried white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  This was awesome and two orders was plenty for four people. 

For details on hours and location visit ichillicothe's directory listing for Island Spice Cafe.

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Island Spice Cafe

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