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Is Chillicothe police chief in violation of the Hatch Act?
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btackett - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago
It is time to put an end to this administrations constant violations of our constitution.  It started with the red light cameras, which are a direct violation of the constitution for multiple reasons.  At this point, it is neither here nor there because the red light camera issue will now be put to a vote.  However, I do question police chief Roger Moore's involvement in a political ad most likely sponsored by the private company Redflex.  

So I took the oppurtunity to review the hatch act.  In regards to state and local emploees it says:

Covered state and local employees may not-

  • use official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the results of an election or nomination
In my own opinion Chief Moore is in violation.  If you feel the same I encourage you to file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.  If he is not in violation of the Hatch Act, I would consider him in violation based on some form of Code of Ethics.  If that is your stance then take the time to contact the Ohio Ethics Commission.

If those two do not fill your fancy maybe take the time to contact the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police.  Considering they claim they will not support any issue that takes money out of Ohio.  With Moore supporting Redflex I would say that is a direct violation of their belief.  Considering Redflex is not based in Ohio. 

Now if you have the time you should consider following up with all three of them as well.  I would also appreciate comments from everyone on what other routes we may want to take.

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