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CommonSense - 9 years ago

That is exactly what Democrats and Republicans were saying to us when they denounced the Supreme Court ruling regarding campaign finance. Late last week when the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited, we had politician after politician including the President of The United States denounce the decision. So much so, that he decided to attempt to embarrass The Supreme Court in the State of the Union address.


Don’t get me wrong, I think the decision is not in the best interest of the American political system. BUT, it is absolutely the right ruling. It is not in the best interest of our country because the American people have shown their absolute apathy and laziness when it comes to doing background work on political candidates. So more than likely whoever spends the most money on “getting their message out” will automatically have the advantage. Whose fault is that?


On the other hand, it is the right decision. Who am I to say that someone cannot give their money away? I want to do what I feel is best with my money, who am I to dictate to someone else what they can do with theirs?


The hypocrisy of politicians denouncing this ruling is laughable and when they say one thing and then do another, not only is it laughable but it is insulting. They ultimately can control this cascade of money; but they do not. They do have the power to say, “No”; but they do not.


The solution to this problem is simple. Regulate yourself! Rightfully so, there should be no regulation on who I give my money to. But, do they have to accept my money? No! Simply put, if these politicians are concerned and shocked, why not regulate yourself? Actually have a bipartisan commission and agree on how much each party will spend on electoral races from the President through small state races.


Not to give another sports analogy - - but I will. We can see how self regulating works and when it is ignored, it fails. Look at the National Football League (NFL) vs. Major League Baseball (MLB). The NFL was looking to at the future of their league and for the best interest of their fans and subsequently agreed to regulate their teams. They imposed a salary cap that limits what each team can spend on their players annually. With this self regulation the league has not only thrived, but it has taken over as “America’s sport” and is immensely entertaining. On the contrary, the MLB ignored their fans and looked to their own selfish interest. They have no limitations on what their teams spend. Thus we get a few dominant teams and no hope for small market teams. I would argue that baseball is less entertaining overall and much more difficult for fans to engage in. - - and this is coming from a huge Reds fan!


I’m sure that the NFL markets in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc. would love to get rid of the salary cap because they could dominate with a larger market to draw support from. But they do the right thing for their fan base. Why can’t we expect the same from our political parties?


They can do it, but they won’t. There is too much to lose for career politicians. These are not people who are looking out for the best interests for our country. They are looking out for their own best interest. If their party can outspend the other, then they are most likely to keep their cherished position.


Just remember, Barrack Obama outspent John McCain 3:1 during the Presidential election. This is the same guy who chose to embarrass the Supreme Court Justices during the State of the Union Address. I implore you Mr. President that if you are so outraged, encourage the two biggest parties to create a bipartisan commission to fix the problem. You can do that….but I bet you won’t! You have too much to lose.


This article is written by Mike Callahan of "Common Sense Politics with Mike and Jason." A radio talk show that can be heard on WCHO 105.5 FM and WSRW 1590 AM from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM every Sunday night. Find us on Facebook or look us up on the web at . We definitely want to hear from you.


CitizenKane - 2010/01/31 - 21:47:19
I like the sports analogy. Let the market fix itself. That is the right idea. When big daddy gets involved you have the mess we have right now. It will never end until the people of this great nation learn the government must step aside. Let the market work to fix itself. Let the business fail that made bad decisions and the ones that didn't thrive. Quit supporting failure.
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