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How "Third Party" Candidates are Saving Our Country
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CommonSense - 8 years ago

            Last week we had the privilege of interviewing Jake Dawson, who is a Libertarian candidate that is running for State Representative in the 86th District (Clinton, Highland, and Pike Counties). After that interview, I am firmly convinced that “third party” candidates are the only ones who can truly save our country.

            For decades, the Republicans and Democrats led us astray. They ignored our calls to action and proceeded to drive our country deeper into debt, and edged us closer to the brink of economic collapse through various socialist type welfare programs. Instead of doing what is in the best long-term interest of our country with tough decision making and having open/honest dialogue, they have been consumed with the short-term satisfaction of winning election after election regardless of the consequences to the people they are charged with representing.

            Like Jake, most of those who join a “third party” are not career politicians. They are regular working people who are simply fed up with the status quo and are called to duty for the good of the country. They are not looking for a career in politics; they are looking out for the common man and/or woman and desire to have our country hold tight to the principles that made us great. Against all odds if they are elected, they tend to serve with principles and are not overly concerned with re-election. Thus we usually get a public servant that truly serves the people in which they were elected to represent. What a novel concept, huh?

            Our country was founded on these individuals. History shows us people like George Washington, John Adams, and various other patriots who gave all for the success of our country. Like the Boston Tea Party in 1773, there are those brave enough to yell defiantly, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!” We needed those people then and we need these types of people now.

            These “third party” candidates keep the other career minded politicians honest. They force them to discuss tough issues because when people finally take the opportunity to listen, they find out just how corrupt things are getting in Washington D.C. and even closer to home. The blue-collar guy from Frankfort, Chillicothe, or any other small town in our great country discovers that they are not the only ones that hold the beliefs they do. They find that there is someone just like them that reminds them of their buddy whom they shared a beer with last week. This is the same person that dares to take their issues forward and cannot be bought by special interest groups. They find integrity and hard work. Most importantly, they discover an ally and that there is indeed strength in numbers. Don’t for a second think that the major players haven’t discovered this too!

Additionally, these “third party” candidates force the other major players to be true to their message. As we have witnessed in the last twelve months, parties such as the “Conservative Party and the “Libertarian Party” are forcing Republicans back to their core beliefs because they have realized that the American people have choices and are willing to exercise that right. This is a good thing….good-bye Republicrat and Dempublican!

            Finally, I want to take a moment and thank those brave enough like Jake Dawson. They are the modern day Davids that are facing down the ever growing political Goliaths. They go into a fight unafraid with the faith that they are doing what is right. My hope is that they find the same results, not only for their sake…but because our country is depending on it.


This article is written by Mike Callahan of "Common Sense Politics with Mike and Jason." A radio talk show that can be heard on WCHO 105.5 FM and WSRW 1590 AM from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM every Sunday night. Find us on Facebook or look us up on the web at . We definitely want to hear from you.


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