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Hooks Pizza on the Hill Review
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Dustin - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago

Hooks Pizza on the Hill is more than just gourmet style pizza they also offer salads, wings, meat balls, cheese sticks, subs, ice cream and deserts.  I have heard a lot of good things about their food so I decided to try it for myself.  

We ordered the White Chicken Pizza, Oven Roasted Buffalo Chicken Wings and Pretzel Bites.  They told us it would be 30-40 minutes for delivery and they arrived in about 30 minutes.  The person that took our order was friendly and made sure to give us our total before we hung up.

The White Chicken Pizza consists of alfredo sauce, provolone, mozzarella, grilled Italian chicken breast, onions, mushrooms, red & green peppers and tomatos.  This pizza had great flavor and was absolutely piled with toppings.  Not only were there a lot of vegetables and cheese but they didn’t skimp on the chicken either.  The pizza was absolutely smothered with cheese so if you don’t like a lot of cheese you might want to request less cheese when you order.  The crust was really tasty and was kind of between a thin crust and a regular crust.

The Buffalo Chicken Wings come in 10 pieces and are a mixture of large wings and drummys with a light buffalo flavor.  I am definitely a big wing fan and I like to try wings from every place I can.  Hooks wings are some of the best wings in Chillicothe.  These are large meaty wings and although there isn’t a lot of sauce on them they still have great flavor.  The only drawback I found to ordering wings from Hooks is the lack of flavors, they only offer buffalo or plain however if you like either of those choices then I suggest trying them.   

The pretzels were a great desert to end our meal with.  They are small soft pretzels with warm cream cheese in the center and powdered sugar sprinkled on the outside.  We shared these between several people and they received mixed reviews.  Most of us absolutely loved them but a few thought the mixture of the pretzels and cream cheese were weird.

I am definitely looking forward to trying their other styles of pizza and sampling the other items they have on their menu.  I would definitely suggest trying out some of their food next time you are looking to eat out.

For contact info, location and hours of operation check out the Hooks Pizza on the Hill entry in the ichillicothe directory.

mgwalk - 2010/09/10 - 13:14:24
Sitting on their patio right now enjoying the white chicken pizza and pretzel bites. Mmm... I like the amount of cheese they put on it. Cost 18.99 for a 12inch, pretzel bites and one water.
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Rinehart [Guest] - 2011/01/10 - 16:24:04
Best Pizza in town
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