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Heated Up and Taking Action: Think of the Possibilities
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HRGRIMM - 9 years ago
Here in Chillicothe Ohio there is a lot of snow lying on the ground right now. It has left us with that winter wonder land effect of “throw-another-log-on-the-fire” and bundle up. Of course, with this much snow and these bitter temperatures a majority of us are just hunkering down inside the warmth of our homes.
Some would think that during these snowy days and frigid nights little takes place here in Chillicothe Ohio. However, just the opposite is true.
We sit in our homes nestled away from the hustle and bustle of traffic congestion on Bridge Street. What we saw on our way through town now begins to talk to us. We remember the look of our downtown; when we hear a siren we think about our fire fighters, EMTs and police out in this cold; we think about those less fortunate than us and wonder how they stay warm.
Not everyone is merely sitting at home watching sitcoms or sports. We are reading the newspaper, the blogs, joining in internet conversations, talking on the phone, and listening to our families and friends. We are watching and hearing everyone from Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly to John Stewart and Wolf Blitzer but these are not our only source of information.
We are a city of thinkers and doer, as well as, believers and pray-ers. Drive through our city and there are places of worship on more streets than can be printed here. We have religious broadcasting on our televisions and radios. Together these provide us our spiritual encouragement and challenges. We hear sermons about Godly responsibilities, accountability to each other before God, justice, honor, dignity and reminded that “faith without works is dead.”
Hunkered down inside our homes we use words like “those politicians” or “here’s what needs to be done.” We talk about Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, preachers, Christians, Muslims, church, we talk about taxes, Washington, Columbus and we are talking about the Tea Party Movement.
“We, the people…” The people of Chillicothe Ohio are talking. Trust me we are doing more than talking. We are listening, getting warmed and heated up and praying.
I have a feeling there's a big thaw coming. I don’t mean one based on the season of the year. Once people get all fired up they want more than political promises that ain’t got enough hot air to melt snow.
I’m talking about uniting our voices; taking a stand and making things work right without all that look of flame with no heat or heart. I’m talking about living our faith values outside our place of worship. I’m talking our present and future here.
Talk is cheap but it is fanning the flame of action - "Heated Up and Taking Action: Think of the Possibilities"
H. R. Grimm
“Catch the Vision of Possibilities”
CitizenKane - 2010/02/09 - 15:06:00
United We Stand, Divided We Fall. I think it is time to really understand what those words mean. No longer should we be taking the side of our favorite team (ie. republican, democrat, independent...etc.) this is not sports. This is life our life, our freedom, our debt and the burden will be placed on our children and theirs as well. It is time to take a stand America for what is right.
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