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Have you seen this guy? Short Change Artist
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shellguy - 9 years ago

For the second time this month a guy has hit one of the local area gas stations with a short change scheme. If you own a business you should download a picture of this man and display it for your cashiers. So far he has swindled about $400 dollars from two local gas stations. If this man comes to your store please call the Chillicothe Police or Sherrif's Department, both maintain video and pictures of him. Please view the video links below to get to know him.


Brandy Tackett [Guest] - 2009/07/27 - 15:51:18
I missing how this operation works. Can you explain how he pulls off the stunt.
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Dustin - 2009/12/09 - 15:11:08
Has anyone heard anything about this lately. There for a while you were hearing about this guy hitting someplace quite often.
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