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Has Redlight Cameras reduced speeding by 74%?
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btackett - 9 years ago
I have not been able to do complete research on this figure.   I as a citizen just question its accuracy.  The Mayor, Moore and the Redflex ad all use this same language.  They also specify speeding at interesections only.

So my first question becomes how did they compile this data?  Did they calculate the number of speeders before the cameras were installed at these intersections.  Did they compile it from the trial run before they went live.  Where did they pull this number?

The next question is could people be avoiding the areas with cameras?  I personally have started making sure I avoid all intersections with the cameras installed.  This in my opinion would have to throw the numbers off a little.

Beyond these two points is the fact that speeding has been reduced at the intersections only.  That leads me to believe that after the intersections people resume speeding.  One reason being, people know where the cameras are installed.  The second reason is that  you can pretty much guarantee there will be no police officer nearby to clock you.  They pretty much assume as the elected officials do that the cameras make the whole city safe.  

I guess in todays society we are to believe that people only speed at intersections.  Their ad  plays heavily on our emotions  Stating such things as: "Speeding kills more than drunk driving".  My question is how many of those speeders were drunk as well?  Would a cameras being installed have prevented the speeding fatality? In the ad they have a child hold a stop sign.  This again is meant to play on your emotions.  Giving the appearance that it was all for the children and their safety.  

The part I find most laughable is the economic cost of speed related crashes.  They might also want to consider the economic loss that is created by having speed cameras.  Think about how many millions of dollars are going to Australia.  Maybe that is why the their unemployement rate is so low.  That might also be why they have one of the lowest national debts among all the nations. 

As one can see there are many areas of concern with regards to the cameras.  Numbers that just don't add up.  Constitutional violoations that don't seem fair.  The program being rushed in without a real voice from the citizens.  Money being stolen from citizens and sent out of the country.  All these concerns and many without answers from our elected officials. 

Below is a copy of the redflex ad.


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