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Fulfilling Relationships Now and Forever
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CitizenKane - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago
Fulfilling relationships are created when both parties feel they are giving and getting what they need.  When this happens the relationship develops into a respectful, kind and caring one.  Don't protect yourself by closing your heart and waiting for the other person to respond.  Open it and you will feel valued and cherished.  If not by the other person then you yourself will feel valued and cherished.  Opening of the heart to yourself will create a new you.  A "new you" that has all the answers and doesn't let thoughts and fears get in the way.

The fact is when you stay in an unnourished relationship that depletes your soul you lose a part of you that cannot be returned.  My advice, don't fall victim to this type of relationship.  You need to have enough self-respect to either end the relationship or make it healthy.  That begins with loving yourself first.  Until then you cannot love or create happiness for anyone.  Even your kids will suffer if you are not happy with yourself first.  Unless you open your heart love will not find you.  I am not speaking of "love" as in a partner.  I am speaking of finding the love that is needed to be completely happy within you.  The answer is within in you and only you know how to love yourself first.  Only then will you be able to create healthy relationships all around you at home, work and beyond.  Remember this never close your heart no matter what.  Keep it open to the entire world the good, the bad and the ugly.  You will never find "love" with a closed heart.      
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