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Found puppies
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deanna12306 - 9 years ago
Puppy 1 female, very small breed unknown

Another female puppy, lab mix

one male hound dog puppy

one female beautiful lab puppy

These puppies where dropped off beside my home.  There are all sweet, loving, and intelligent.  They are doing very well with the puppy patch, and going outside in the fenced in yard.  They are eating well, happy and good with kids / animals.  If these are your puppies please call 740-531-3220.  They need to go quickly to thier home.  Some child is missing these puppies.
JAG - 2010/03/04 - 19:24:15
I am so glad to hear that you are taking care of these lost puppies! I hope the owner claims them soon...What is the puppy patch?
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Cathrine w/a C [Guest] - 2010/04/05 - 19:29:52
Do you still have these puppies? I'm old but I could take one to raise.
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