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Former City Council President Bob Shoultz
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ichillicothe - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago

Former City Council President
Robert L. Shoultz
Home: 833 St. Margaret's Rd.
Ph: 775-7869
Last Day: December 31st, 2009

Lost re-election on November 3rd, 2009 with 48.09% of the votes.

Opposing Candidates For The November 3rd, 2009 Election:
Independent Bruce A. Arnold

Provided by the campaign for Bob Shoultz
Bob has brought a professional approach to the way council does business. His business leadership skills have helped organize better council rules for more effective and productive meetings. He has always encouraged input from all citizens at council meetings and has urged individuals to always make their council member aware of their input on issues council faces. Council rules dictate the council meeting agenda and many other guidelines the Council President must follow and Bob has provided the professionalism in making sure all council rules are followed at all times.

The role of council president is so much more than merely chairing a council meeting. Having served as a council member for 14 years and as council president for 10 years, Bob is the best equipped candidate to continue providing the leadership council needs.

Which candidate for city council president is going to get your vote?
Poll ends on 2009/11/02
This poll closed on - 2009/11/02
Bob Shoultz [50%, 7]
Bruce Arnold [50%, 7]
Total Voters: 14
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