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Flood Wall Bridge Over North High Street is Showing Progress
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Dustin - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago

-->Updated 9/24/2009

They aren't done yet but they have made a little more progress.  They have poured the cement on the bridge so it is now solid.  You can check out how they get the cement up to the bridge in the image gallery.  I have also added some other shots of the construction site.

-->Original Post

It seems like ages have gone by since work began on connecting the two flood wall pieces via a bridge over High Street.  I drive by nearly everyday and it never looks as if any progress has been made. Surprisingly, upon returning from my vacation last week I was greeted with the sight of an actual bridge frame spanning across North High Street.  It is nice to finally see some progress being made on this project.  I just wonder if it will actually be completed before winter.

I use the flood wall in different ways including riding a bike, running and walking.   I as many people do, currently have certain points picked out on each side of the flood wall that I use for beginning and ending an exercise. It will be interesting to see how often the bridge will actually be used when it is completed.  I think people are so used to using one side or the other that it may not be used very much for exercising activities.  One thing is for sure, this bridge will definitely make crossing this busy and confusing strip of road much easier and safer.  There is so much going on in one section of road that it can be confusing for drivers and pedestrians both and I can see a huge potential danger that may be lessened by the addition of the bridge.

What are your feelings on the bridge?  Do you think they are taking entirely too long to complete this project? How long do you think it will take for them to complete it?  Do you think that this bridge will be used?  I would just like to see the thoughts of others.


justincase - 2009/10/17 - 00:20:57
I wish they would hurry up!
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Site of the Flood Wall Bridge

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