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Familiar Diner to Re-open
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JAG - 9 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago

I was shocked when I first heard that the South Bridge Diner had closed last year.  I thought that place would never close down, but it did...Now there is just a vacant building sitting on the corner of 7th and Bridge.  Everytime that I drive by I wonder why it closed.  Today it was a different story...

I drove by and noticed that the sign states, "Opening Soon Under New Management".  Wow, the Bridge Street Diner is coming back!  I am really glad that this restaurant will be re-opening.  I think that this is good for the community.  Now people coming in to town from the south side will have a place to stop and eat before they get to the busy intersection of Main and Bridge....

If anyone has any more information on the opening date of this restaurant, please let us know.....


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