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Downtown, Downturn.
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taylorbeeler - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago
Chillicothe is a beautiful city, but downtown is taking a downturn. Like my previous article stated, enough is enough; and the time is here. 
     "Ohio's First Capital" is a slogan that no other city in Ohio can lean on. Not only Ohio's first capital, though, Chillicothe was also the capital of the Northwest Territory, which stretched from the Ohio River through Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and parts of Minnesota. With a rich history like that, you bet our city would thrive off of it. Thrive, being the main point. 
     In the modern era that we are living in today, we as the citizens of Chillicothe cannot allow the city to thrive on a slogan any longer. Look at downtown; the Carlisle Building project which is a dead end deal, and barely any parking for consumers that would be shopping in the many small business' located downtown.
     Chillicothe clearly needs a new direction. Trying to raise taxes to fix a privately owned building? Purchasing the former AEP building when we already have a location for municiple court? If you see it the way I do, you're seeing money being wasted, and bad decisions being made.
     It's time to move on from our roots. We are, and will always be Ohio's First Capital no matter what we do. People will appreciate that fact forever. But does that mean that we have to thrive in it? No. it does not. We need to step up in the modern age. We need to keep our city flourishing as the regions #1 economic powerhouse, and we need to work with business' to bring in more selection for the entire region; bringing in more money to the city.
     Look at Ashland, KY: We are bigger in size population wise, yet they have a mall full of places that people love to go to. Chillicothe goes to shop there. People shop at places like Old Navy, American Eagle, American Apparel, etc. And being a city bigger than cities that have such a selection, we can, and we need to take full advantage of our economic status. I'm going to school at Morehead State University majoring in Government, and i've met people from all over southeastern Ohio. Meeting people from Portsmouth, Jackson, etc, I hear the same thing. "Oh you're from Chillicothe? That's where we all go to shop and have fun." We are the place to go, why not take that information to the bank? Ashland, like I said before, knows the potential, and they are tapping into that. We need not let the oppertunity run away from us. The time to step up and keep up with the economy is now. And you know what, we have a mall ready for such business'. Dunhams can't keep that place alive by itself forever.
     I imagine a modern Chillicothe, with people coming from all over southern Ohio, like they already do, bringing in more money to Chillicothe in the modern age. Downtown needs a turnaround, a parking garage for business' would be a great start. Our local government needs to take advantage of the potential of the City, and we as citizens need to support such acts. We can't let our city stay in the old, that would mean watching it slowly becoming less and less of a wonderful place to live.
clistguy - 2009/12/16 - 16:56:26
I love the city of Chillicothe, I was born and raised in Chillicothe. I like you, went away to school but came back to Chillicothe because of what a wonderful place it is. I think we definitely need to take a step in the modern direction but at the same time preserve the rich history of our city. I think the Carlisle Building is an excellent opportunity for us to make a step in the modern direction, we just need to make sure we don't loose the history.
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CitizenKane - 2009/12/16 - 17:30:07
I agree with everything you have stated. Well done! Only thing I would like to say I don't think the city should be purchasing any buildings and making them into parking garages. I feel as with most things this should be done by a private individual or company as an investment. The city government was not designed to make a profit so it should get out of the business of trying to do so. Get back into the business of protecting the lives, liberty, and property. Nothing more!
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taylorbeeler - 2009/12/17 - 03:14:54
It is possible to step into the world as a modern city, all the while keeping our rich heritage alive. We need a plan, and we need elected officials to do so. If not, i'm afraid that Chillicothe will fall as "just another small town" which it is not.
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taylorbeeler - 2009/12/17 - 03:17:39
& I also agree with Citizen Kane and his comments on the parking garages. We need to pursue such business' to make such investments.
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[ show comment ] [ hide comment ] - CitizenKane - 2009/12/17 - 08:52:47
[ hide comment ] - CitizenKane - 2009/12/17 - 08:52:47
Hey keep the articles coming I really enjoy your articles they are great. It is so frustrating not only to see our local government total out of control and no longer serving us but our federal government as well.
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TTburger1 - 2009/12/17 - 19:00:00
Hey TB good to see you back on this site. Maybe after you finish your degree you can come to Chillicothe and run for public office. With the rich history of this area being what it is you would think the movers and shakers would use it for their economic advantage. It is time for Chillicothe to change direction. With the municiple court moving away from the immediate downtown area, businesses will suffer more. The courthouse staff is a big supporter of the downtown coffee and food venders (good for Dane at the Smoke House).
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taylorbeeler - 2009/12/20 - 14:01:43
Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. My goals are, right now, just that; come back to my home town and run for public office. I love Chillicothe, and I love government- why not try and run? I feel as if I have a great vision for the city, and keep an eye out for letters to the editor in the Gazette from me. To really make an impact on Chillicothe, gathering interest in such projects as downtown parking garages, etc is the way to start. Nothing will happen if nothing is brought to the attention of the people, council and mayors office. I just hope people will support.
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