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Dominos Western Avenue Review
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Dustin - 8 years ago

I’ve never been a big Dominos Pizza fan to me they have always just made mediocre pizzas.  I decided I would try them out again because of the release of their new recipes and their add campaign to send them your pictures of their pizza.  I called and placed my ordered with the Dominos on Western Avenue.  They were very friendly on the phone and told us it would be 35 to 40 minutes for delivery.  They showed up with the order within 30 to 35 minutes.  

We ordered the special that they have running which is 2 medium 2 topping pizzas for 5.99 a piece.  For the first pizza we ordered pepperoni and ham.  The second pizza was pepperoni and half mushrooms.  We also ordered some bread sticks.  

They made a mistake with the pepperoni and ham pizza and gave us ham and bacon.  We called and told them we received the wrong pizza and they quickly gave us a credit for a free medium 2 topping pizza.  We like bacon so we went ahead and ate the pizza we received.  The bacon on the pizza looked a little burnt but it didn’t taste bad when eating the pizza.  There were a decent amount of toppings on this pizza but not enough to get to excited about. The pizza was definitely better than what Dominos used to offer but it still wasn’t anything that stood out to me.  

The pepperoni and half mushroom was prepared correctly.  This pizza was kind of lacking on the toppings and really wasn’t that impressive at all.  The only thing that made this pizza any better than the old Dominos pizza was the new crust.

The bread sticks were pretty good but again they weren’t anything to get excited about.  The bread sticks came with garlic butter dipping sauce and marinara dipping sauce.  The garlic butter sauce was pretty good and marinara sauce is pretty much just their pizza sauce.

There are definitely other places in town that I would rather have pizza from but if Dominos had a good enough deal running I might consider ordering from them again.

For contact information and hours of operation for Dominos Pizza check out the ichillicothe directory.


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