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Coffee Central Chillicothe's Hidden Gem
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CitizenKane - 8 years ago
Updated: 8 years ago
The name may fool you but the menu won't.  Not only was I suprised at what the menu had to offer I was supprised at how wonderful the food tastes.  I fell in love with the chicken salad wrap and the chocolate chip cookies.  The wrap is the perfect size for a lunch meal.  Not the kind of lunch that will put you to sleep when you return to work.  I have never before tasted chicken salad the great.  I believe it has a mixture of grapes as well as some type of nuts.  All these flavors combine to make the perfect chicken wrap.

Now on to my absolute favorite item so far.  The chocolate chip cookie is something everyone in Chillicothe should checkout.  The Amish chocolate chip cookie from the Amish Bakery is the only other cookie that can even compare in my opinion.  I couldn't even begin to tell you which one is better but I know which ones closer.  If at all possible they should consider selling these by the batch.

I did happen to find them on myspace.  So below is a little information from their myspace account.

About me:

Coffee Central, located at 627 Central Center, Chillicothe (between Kingman Collectibles & Story Place Postal Service) opened in 2000 Coffee Central is now owned by Tiffany & Shawn Martindale.

For Coffee Central’s loyal and new customers, in addition to our current menu there will be more items added and available to extend our fabulous breakfast, lunch, coffee, and specialty drink menus. We will also continue with our delivery service as well as the same great taste you have grown to love.

On behalf of Coffee Central, we encourage you to stop by and say Hi to Tiffany Martindale, Kathy Salley, Cari & Pam Porter who have and will continue to be the friendly faces you see each and every day!


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