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City Council 6th Ward Pat Patrick
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago
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City Council 6th Ward
Pat Patrick
Home: 728 E. Main St.
Ph: 772-2254

Running for Re-Election on November 3rd, 2009.

Opposing Candidates For The November 3rd, 2009 Election:
Currently running un-opposed.

Provided by the campaign for Pat Patrick

I am running for my 4th term representing the residents of the 6thward. During my time on council I have made the nuisance issue and drug problem top priorities.


In an effort to correct the nuisance problems, I have continued to propose and been successful in making changes to our ordinances.


*During this current term, I proposed legislation the spells out board up procedures for empty buildings – this was recently passed. The intent is to secure empty structures and make them less of a fire hazard and harder to be used for criminal activity.


* I also proposed legislation that addresses enforcement of materials set out for large item pickup weeks ahead of time. This legislation was passed just last month.


The drug activity and the crime associated with it is also a problem I take very seriously. I have been successful in working with neighbors to report drug houses to the authorities. Together we have been able to stop the drug traffic in several areas. I want to thank the residents for supplying the information that resulted in these houses being shut down.


*I pushed hard for and was finally successful in getting a drug dog to help in this fight. The computers for the police cruisers is another item I strongly supported. I am convinced this will help keep officers safer, in our neighborhoods when writing their reports and allow more efficient use of their time. Silent dispatching should help make a dent in drug activity.


To try and keep 6th ward residents informed about happenings in our neighborhood, I have posted information on the city web site under the 6th ward section – I am the only council member that has taken the time to do this. I have also sent out newsletters regarding drug activity, transit facility construction updates and other items of interest to the 6th ward residents.


I ask for your continued support and input.




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