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Chillicothe: Ready for a new direction
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taylorbeeler - 9 years ago
     The citizens of Chillicothe have spoken, by ballot resulting with the termination of the Redflex camera system, that Mayor Sulzer needs to be out of office as Mayor. A group on facebook, titled "Chillicothe Citizens ready to dump City Council and Joe Sulzer" has set up a populous of angry citizens at council and Mayor Sulzer saying:

     "Our mayor has showed us he should have quit while he was ahead. He did a pretty good job his first tenure, but this term, he hasnt done much better than our last mayor. Now he is asking us to pay 2% more in taxes to restore the Carlisle building that already had to much money dumped into it, being a dead end project. Enough is enough!"
With council experiencing some new faces, maybe this group is right; enough is enough, and unfortunately for Mayor Sulzer, enough is enough of him.

                                                                          The Carlisle Building, Downtown Chillicothe
ichillifan79 - 2009/12/05 - 11:26:20
A tax increase to help rebuild a privately owned building is ridiculous. I have a historical house so if my house catches on fire am I gonna get tax payer money to get my house repaired?
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Guest [Guest] - 2009/12/05 - 11:53:04
I totally agree, it is time for ...out with the old and in with the new!
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JAG - 2009/12/05 - 12:44:22
I am so glad that the Carlie Building tax increase did not pass! Why would I want to have a tax increase on restoring a building that some kids tried to burn down....It seems like there is a lot of controversy with the mayor of Chillicothe these days...
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TTburger1 - 2009/12/05 - 12:50:28
Good post "tb" nice pic also. I think the preservation of the historically rich downtown Chillicothe is very important, but for the sake of downtown business there needs to be a balance between historical preservation and growth. To have growth in Downtown Chillicothe there has to be parking; some suggest this would be opportunity for a parking garage. Any thoughts?
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[ show comment ] [ hide comment ] - CitizenKane - 2009/12/05 - 15:14:46
[ hide comment ] - CitizenKane - 2009/12/05 - 15:14:46
Is it time for a parking garage? That is a question you should be asking investors not citizens. Citizens should not be funding private works projects. The government has gotten far from of its scope of protecting the life, liberty and property of the citizens. Building parking lots and now possibly restoring a building owned by a private company. It is time to restore the local government and federal government back to its correct size. Spend, spend, spend = tax, tax, tax. Tax in my opinion is legalized theft. If a group of citizens feel strongly about restoring the building then that is great. However it is up to them to gather the funds from others who feel the same. Not beg city council to steal it from the rest of us.
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[ show comment ] [ hide comment ] - mgwalk - 2009/12/05 - 22:30:09
[ hide comment ] - mgwalk - 2009/12/05 - 22:30:09
I agree. In what I have learned our government should not pay for private property to be fixed. Also how and why do people from Columbus have interest in our property here in Chillicothe? City Council Meeting 10-12-2009 part 4
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jcut - 2009/12/05 - 22:46:21
sometimes preserving history is expensive.
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