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Chillicothe: Ready for a new direction
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taylorbeeler - 8 years ago
     The citizens of Chillicothe have spoken, by ballot resulting with the termination of the Redflex camera system, that Mayor Sulzer needs to be out of office as Mayor. A group on facebook, titled "Chillicothe Citizens ready to dump City Council and Joe Sulzer" has set up a populous of angry citizens at council and Mayor Sulzer saying:

     "Our mayor has showed us he should have quit while he was ahead. He did a pretty good job his first tenure, but this term, he hasnt done much better than our last mayor. Now he is asking us to pay 2% more in taxes to restore the Carlisle building that already had to much money dumped into it, being a dead end project. Enough is enough!"
With council experiencing some new faces, maybe this group is right; enough is enough, and unfortunately for Mayor Sulzer, enough is enough of him.

                                                                          The Carlisle Building, Downtown Chillicothe

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