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Chillicothe Tax Returns
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A_Blinkin - 9 years ago
Tax season is here.  As U.S. citizens prepare to file their Federal and State tax returns, many overlook the fact that Chillicothe citizens also need to fill out their City of Chillicothe tax returns as well. 


A return must be filed by individuals, partnerships, corporations, and any other entity having earned income taxable by the City of Chillicothe.


Taxpayers who end their taxable year on December 31st, must file on or before the following April 15th.  (Taxpayers on a fiscal or partial year basis must file within 105 days following the end of such period)

If deadline cannot be met, a request for Federal extention must be filed and approved by the tax administrator on or before the due date of April 15th.

The Return is to be filed with the Chillicothe Income Tax Department, 35 S Paint Street, Chillicothe, OH  45601-0457.  Total amount due must be paid when the return is filed.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to the City of Chillicothe, Ohio Income Tax.

For further information, please visit the City of Chillicothe Income Tax webpage:

or contact

Julie Parker,Tax Auditor
35 South Paint Street
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
Phone: 773-1161
Fax: 773-4535

If you did not receive or have misplaced your tax form, you can download one here:

Don't forget April 15th comes up pretty quick for those that put this off.........
Taxed2Death [Guest] - 2010/02/07 - 21:04:16
Don't even get me started on taxes. Can't believe we still put up with this shit every year.
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JAG - 2010/02/07 - 21:35:23
I know...Why do I have to waist my time every year and the ending number is always $0.00......I am suprised that the city even has the time to look at these....
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pjb [Guest] - 2011/01/09 - 00:42:51
when our you going to be able to pay city taxes on line? No one likes to pay taxes,but the online for fed.,state,&state SD tax ,so why not local taxes too?
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