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Chillicothe Ohio City Council Meeting 03-09-2009
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ichillicothe - 10 years ago
This is the city council meeting for March 9th 2009 @ 7:30PM.  Speakers talk about numerous topics such as Chillicothe expanding sewer lines into Green Township district, cell phone usage while driving and red light / speed cameras. Two council members share some stories about the red light camera topic. We also get a very detailed story about a car accident for which the council allows some extra time for discussion.

We will try to pull more meetings and post them as we get them.

JAG - 2009/05/12 - 19:46:20
It's great to be able to watch this on video. I am a Chillicothe resident in New Hampshire for the week and I still get to see the Chillicothe City Council meeting....
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At Large Council Member Joseph Sharp
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