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Chillicothe Ohio City Council Legislative Review 08-17-2009
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago
Council Chambers
Legislative Review Session
August 17, 2009
6:32 p.m.

While in recess from the special meeting of today’s date, Council met in Legislative Review Session as a quasi committee of the whole, chaired by Pres. Shoultz, with the following eight members present:  Ames, Bonner, Cross, Henderson, Lester, Malone, Patrick and Trutschel.  (Mr. Proehl absent.)  There were 2 media representatives and 6 other visitors present, in addition to Mayor Sulzer and City Law Director Eddy. 
Pres. Shoultz called upon Mrs. Henderson to lead tonight’s discussion concerning items on the Agenda that pertain to the Chillicothe Police Department.  Mrs. Henderson said that Mayor Sulzer and Police Chief Roger Moore are both here tonight to comment on these items.

Chief Roger Moore said that he spoke with Ross County Sheriff George Lavender and that the Sheriff agrees that the City of Chillicothe should have its own tactical team.  Chief Moore said that this would significantly reduce the response time. 
Chief Moore also commented on the auxiliary police force.  He said that there is definitely a need for this, and that for example it will help with the bike patrol.  He said that five is the minimum that he wishes to hire, but that he would like to see up to twenty-five eventually.  He indicated that Ohio University-Chillicothe has a program from which the city could get its recruits, and that these auxiliary officers go through the police training.  He indicated that once they are hired, there is no difference between them and a regular police officer except that they only get paid $1.00 per year. 
Mrs. Henderson indicated that both Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Malone have been pushing for the appropriation for laptop computers to put in police cruisers.  She said that Mrs. Patrick has done the background research on the cost and type of equipment.  Mrs. Patrick then commented on these matters, referring to the materials that she distributed containing cost estimates.  Mrs. Henderson said that this is sorely needed, and Chief Moore indicated that it would make his officers much more efficient.  Sgt. Claypool then addressed Council on the subject, citing other cities that are using this equipment.  He said that a police officer can do anything in the vehicle with these laptop computers that could be done on the computer at the police station.  He described them as a powerful tool.  Mr. Rick Thompson from the factory also spoke to Council, stating that his company has built the safest computer in the industry. 
Chief Moore and Mayor Sulzer said that they prefer to have 14 of the cruisers so equipped. The Legislative Review Session adjourned, by consensus, at 7:20 p.m., when Council resumed its special meeting.
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