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Carlisle Fence Removed and then put back up.
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JAG - 9 years ago
Not only were Chillicothe Citizens shocked when a crew removed the barrier fence that surrounded the Carlisle Building over the weekend, but so were City Officials. 
The Carlisle Building which encountered much fire damage from an arson fire set several years ago had a security fence around the building, for that reason, security. With loose roof tiles still posing a big threat to people and cars down on the street level, Mayor Joe Sulzer has ordered Carlisle LLC (the building’s owners) to put the fence back up. 
CitizenKane - 2010/01/27 - 14:45:02
I am sure the city has the right to fine this place for continuing to have a public safety hazard. What is the deal start putting that money away towards a fix. If anything the LLC will start doing something about it.
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