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Bah-Humbug--Chillicothe Trash Collecters
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Mare - 8 years ago

     The entire week before Thanksgiving the Gazette published the revised schedule change for trash pick-up. Ours (Oakwood Dr) was changed from Friday to Monday. Sunday evening we along with most of our neighbors dragged out our regular garbage along with our "turkey trash", to be picked up Monday. 
   So now it's Wednesday, our trash is still sitting outside waiting to be collected, and tomorrow it'll be time to set out trash for regular pick up.
   We called the Mayor’s office, to find out what happened, but our call was never returned, thanks Mr. Joe Sultzer.

     Next we called our councilman, Tom Trutschel, within 5 minutes our call was returned.

Here is what he said…

Where are our trashmen? Let me tell you...
     Trashmen in our city are under a union contract to work a four hour shift or however long it takes to get their assignment done, and get paid for eight. That being said the city assumed they would work the eight hours and get everyone caught up. We'll that didn't happen, it just took them longer to do their "regular" route, and not anyone else’s. So there sits our garbage.

     Anyone see the problem here?  Does one hand even know what the other is doing?

                                            It is time for a change!



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