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AT&T Customers in Chillicothe Now Have 3G!
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ichillifan79 - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago

Finally everyone with the Iphone 3G or even the newer Iphone 3Gs can take full advantage of their phones capabilities.  Before the implementation of 3G coverage in Chillicothe there wasn't a very big advantage to upgrading from the original Iphone to the 3G version however, that is no longer the case.  The Internet browsing speed on my Iphone 3G is now comparable to my cable modem speed that I get at home with my wireless network.  I find myself using the Iphones features so much more now that the download speed is so much faster.

I don't want to make it sound like you have to own an Iphone 3G to take advantage of the 3G network in Chillicothe.  I own an Iphone 3G so that is what I have personal experience with however, there are many other phones in  AT&T's arsenal that support 3G. If you have one of those phones be sure to have the 3G switched on, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

To verify that  you are using the 3G network just look for a 3G residing by the signal bars on your phone.


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