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Are Smart Cars Smart?
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Dustin - 9 years ago

I received an email today that I found interetsting and thought I would share with everyone.  A lot of you may have already seen the email but those who haven't might take something from this. 

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Buy a Smart Car for Great Gas Mileage - Save Money and the Environment

Below is a photo of an accident near New Orleans involving two trucks and a "Smart Car".

I think I'll pass on saving gas;  I'd rather save my Ass!

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I am definitely for smarter cars, better gas mileage and helping the environmet but I also think we need to keep safety in mind.  I've read where some of these smaller smart cars have recieved high crash rating scores but after seeing this I just can't see how a car that small could come close to hodling up in a situation like this.  It would be intereting to see how many times fatalities are a result of accindents involving this type of car.

JAG - 2010/02/24 - 00:57:12
My stack of pancakes at IHOP this morning was thicker than what's left of that car!!!!
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Bird [Guest] - 2010/10/22 - 12:02:35
smart cars have 3 bolt wheels. the car in the crash has 5 bolt wheels, perhaps a chevy. Be smart enough to evalulate the misinformaton you get on the internet...!
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Cars For Sale [Guest] - 2011/02/25 - 04:16:39
Nice car! This Smart car is really smart. Smart car is fuel efficient car & doesn't have any parking problem. But in this car not more than 2 peoples are traveling.
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Carros usados [Guest] - 2011/11/16 - 07:49:32
I think smart cars is a danger because this photo agr...
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Car Prices [Guest] - 2012/01/06 - 00:00:21
Yes I also think that Smart Cars are help to save money and Environment due to fuel efficiency. But car makers have to develop safety features also in Smart Cars.
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SBT Japan [Guest] - 2012/02/01 - 00:45:28
company is one of the reputable and well-known used cars exporting company in automotive world.
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